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Manager & Candidate Comments
Care Practitioner & Candidate Comments

“Thank you Autumn for the fun and informative days training on dementia for managers.. so much information given in such a short time. Always recommend.. this lady is amazing and full of knowledge!"

Pat  - 2 months ago.


“Thank you Autumn for a fantastic week of training, the best training I have ever had by a mile.

Autumn is lovely & helps you a lot if you have any difficulties understanding anything & doesn't make you feel stupid. it was also lots of fun.

Sarah  - 2 years ago. ( company induction)

“Just finished the four day Manual Handling Trainer course in Yeovil with the fantastic Autumn. You made a challenging four days informative & fun. Thanks so much for your help & support, see you in a year for my update!"

— Jude - 4 years ago.

“Was probably the best First Aid Training course I have ever been on! Really learnt so much Would highly recommend Green Frog Training”

— Wendy - 4 years ago.


“Excellent Training as usual Autumn - thank you ”

— Sharon November 2019.  ( Palliative Care Course)

“Thank you for our fantastic training for M&H today! I cannot describe what a difference it does for our residents having now 3 Moving & Handling Trainers in house!

We are grateful for the level of incredible support we've received from you Autumn & the continuity of your dedicated professional care you have given us so far! High level of professional training & development is paramount key to safe practice and definitely great way to improve standards of care being delivered to residents in our care. Once again thank you for your afford & amazing support!"

- Dana - 4 months ago.

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